Perry Benson | Mechanical Lead

Mechanical | Race Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

Grand Haven, MI

Perry joined the University of Michigan Solar Car Team as a freshman, and enjoys the competitive atmosphere of a multidisciplinary design team.  He is driven by a passion for what the team does, and by joint desires to help build the fastest car and the strongest team possible, in order to continue the legacy of success of Michigan Solar Car. As Mechanical Lead, Perry is responsible for ensuring the physical systems of the car, as well as the members of the mechanical division, are operating at their best. His favorite Solar Car memory so far is finishing BWSC 2015 and getting to interact with the other teams in Adelaide. This summer, he’s looking forward to bringing a new car to life and coming together as a successful racing team.

Jonathan Cha | Project Manager

Operations | Race Manager

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

San Ramon, CA

Jonathan knew when he chose Michigan that he wanted to take full advantage of the university’s emphasis on project teams. As a freshman, he decided that solar car was the best fit for him, and has been involved ever since. Jon joined race crew because he wanted to race the car and get the experience of working a dedicated schedule towards a huge engineering project. The more time passed that he was on the team, the more inspired he became by both our team's history and his teammates' drive to work hard and continue that legacy. As the Project Manager, Jon focuses on the team's preparation for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ensuring we are organized, well-trained, and hungry to win.

Clayton Dailey | Engineering Director

Mechanical | Crew Chief

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

Mililani, HI

Hawaii is where Clayton Dailey first experienced the thrill of competing on project teams through FIRST and VEX robotics in high school, so he calls the Aloha state his hometown, even though he’s lived in ten different cities throughout his life. When it was time to choose a college, Clayton knew he wanted to continue competing with a project team and chose the College of Engineering at Michigan for its strong field of project teams. He joined the Solar Car Team in the fall of his freshman year as an Aerodynamicist and helped design Aurum, the team's 2015 vehicle. Clayton then went on to become one of Aurum’s drivers in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. In 2016, Clayton became the team's Engineering Director. In that role, he helped lead the team in making the necessary improvements to Aurum, leading to a win in the 2016 American Solar Challenge. Now, he has set his eyes on ensuring that the team designs, manufactures, and races its most competitive vehicle yet in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. When Clayton is not working on the car, you can find him longboarding through campus. He hopes to pursue a career in the aerospace industry after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Peter Rohrer | Operations Director

Operations | Race Operations Director

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Class of 2020

McLean, VA

Peter is a freshman majoring in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and serves as the team's operations director.  He chose operations because it allows him to combine his love of boats with solar car racing.  Peter can be found floating around the workshop moving things, fixing things, and finding things.  He is the team's resident semi-trailer whisperer and provider of fun-facts.  Though Peter was born and raised in Northern Virginia, his family originally hails from Australia – making the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge a thrilling opportunity to reconnect with his roots!

Sarah Zoellick | Business Director

Business | Race Business Director 

Business Administration, Class of 2019

Atlanta, GA

Sarah came to Michigan with solar car in the back of her mind, after a chance meeting with longtime supporter Chuck Hutchins. Though not an engineer, she was heavily involved with FIRST robotics in high school, and knew she wanted to continue her involvement with project-based teams. She believes in the importance of combining people of diverse backgrounds to accomplish big goals– like building, testing, and racing a solar car. As Business Director, she's responsible for maintaining high levels of satisfaction among current sponsors, forming new corporate partnerships, and overseeing the team's marketing efforts. In the workspace, she can likely be found sending emails, and definitely drinking coffee. Outside of solar car, she enjoys skiing, bookstores, backpacking, and spending time on the lake. Sarah raced in the 2016 American Solar Challenge, where the team won its 9th national title; she can't wait to take that experience to the next level in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. 

Jacob Anderson 

Mechanical | Race Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020

Northville, MI

From Northville, Michigan, Jake Anderson is a freshman in the College of Engineering.  Motivated by his past experiences in FIRST Robotics, Jake joined Solar Car to continue his learning outside of the classroom.  Jake was inspired to join the 2017 BWSC race crew through his interactions with older members who have also raced.  As a member of the Mechanical division, Jake helped design the components for the 2017 car, and as sourcerer he ensures all of the team’s components are manufactured to spec and on time.  Jake is looking forward to his first race as a part of the team, and he cannot wait to get to Australia and experience BWSC.

Bradley Baker  

Electrical |  Battery Engineer

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2018

Caledonia, MI

Brad is a junior in Electrical Engineering in the University of Michigan's College of Engineering.  When he transferred from Hope College as a freshman, he had his sights set on being a part of the best student project team at Michigan.  He remembers walking around outside the team's workspace the first time he visited the school with his parents.  He remembers trying to peek into the windows to catch a glimpse of the car, hoping to one day join the Solar Car team.  Finally, in the first semester of his junior year, he joined and found a spot on the team designing the battery (affectionately titled "Brad-ery") for the 2017 race.  As a life-long Michigan fan, he is honored and excited to represent his favorite school in 2017's Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Eric Brown 

Electrical | Race Array Engineer 

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2019

Traverse City, MI

Eric is a sophomore studying electrical engineering.  He is from Philadelphia, but now lives in Traverse City Michigan.  Eric is very interested in renewable energy and its applications to a wide range of problems and systems.  He joined the Michigan Solar Car Team to learn about designing and implementing electrical systems that perform under difficult environmental circumstances, and to be part of a top-tier engineering design team.

Andrew Dickinson

Computer Science | Race Strategist

Computer Science Engineering, Class of 2020

Grand Haven, MI

Andrew is a first-year student at the the University of Michigan majoring in computer science engineering. He graduated from Grand Haven High School in 2016 and is now a proud wolverine. As a long time FIRST Robotics participant, Andrew was eager to continue working on an engineering team when he entered college. Now a strategist for Michigan at the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Andrew will help guide the team to victory by calculating the best way to utilize our energy during the race.

William Horner

Mechanical | Race Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

Woodstown, NJ

Will Horner is a junior in the College of Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has always been interested in cars and renewable energy. He joined the team during the first semester of his sophomore year. As a member of the mechanical division, he helped design mechanical systems for ASC Aurum and has since designed his own mechanical system for the new car. Will is excited to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, and is proud to be able to represent Michigan with the rest of the team. He is thankful for the opportunity, and he is determined to give the team his all during the BWSC period!

Patrick Irving

Electrical | Race Lead Micro Systems Engineer 

Computer Engineering, Class of 2018

Buffalo, NY

Patrick is a sophomore in Computer Engineering and the Microelectronics Division lead of the team. Ever since Patrick visited the University of Michigan before his freshman year, he knew he wanted to be a part of the Solar Car team. He joined the team the fall semester of his freshman year and became the Microelectronics Division lead engineer the following semester. He enjoys designing, programming, and debugging embedded systems and hopes to work in the field after he graduates. He is also an avid Buffalo sports fan and enjoys skiing, hiking, and playing baseball and volleyball in his spare time. Patrick is excited to race in his first race in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia this October.

Janice Lau

Operations | Race Operations Engineer

Industrial and Operations Engineering, Class of 2020

Hong Kong

Janice knew she wanted to join the solar car team when she chose Michigan. Having been involved in design and build projects in high school, Janice found solar car was a great fit for her. She joined the race crew because she wanted to be a part of the group that realizes the team’s whole year of preparation and hard work in the lead up to BWSC. Janice is responsible for material sourcing, facilities maintenance and manufacturing. She is most looking forward to seeing the car roll this summer, and to racing it in BWSC. When Janice is not at solar car, she enjoys going to the gym and taking naps.

Alan Li

Strategy | Race Strategy Lead

Computer Science Engineering, Class of 2019

Rockville, MD

Alan Li is currently a sophomore in the College of Engineering studying Computer Science Engineering.  Last summer, he raced with the team in the 2016 American Solar Challenge as the sole strategist.  While the team placed 1st for the 9th time in the American Solar Challenge, he believes that a lot more work needs to be done to place first for the upcoming Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.  He will be racing as the head strategist and looks forward the challenge of modeling and simulating the new car from scratch.

Chae Woo Lim

Aero | Race Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020

Seoul, South Korea

Chae Woo Lim is a freshman in the College of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He chose to be a Wolverine because of the support and passion that the school has towards student project teams. Chae Woo is an aerodynamicist for the team and is also a Race Mechanical engineer for the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Thus far he has worked on the design of the aerobody and internal aero components, and is working on manufacturing those parts. He is a firm believer that there is a positive correlation between aerodynamics and attractiveness.

Nathan Silverman

Micro Electrical | Race Micro Systems Engineer

Computer Engineering, Class of 2020

Burlingame, CA

Nathan Silverman is a freshman in the College of Engineering who is interested in multidisciplinary design and computer engineering. He was an artistic gymnast in high school, which fostered his love for competition and pushing himself to tackle new challenges. After researching the team in high school, he joined at the beginning of his freshman year as a microsystems engineer. Over the past year, he has worked to implement the various microsystems needed for the race. When he is not doing Solar Car, Nathan is an avid rock climber and backpacker, and loves going on adventures around the world. He is honored to be a part of the 2017 Race Crew and is excited to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Caroline Subramoney

Micro Electrical | Race Micro Systems Engineer

Computer Engineering, Class of 2020

Hockessin, DE

Caroline Subramoney is a freshman in the college of engineering, majoring in computer engineering.  She chose the University of Michigan because of the team, and accordingly she joined the team almost immediately after moving in.  She worked as a microelectronics engineer throughout the school year, responsible for designing, building, and testing the vehicle’s driver interface.  She looks forward to seeing all of the team's hard work come together when the 2017 car races in Australia.

Photo by Benjamin Bear Photography

Photo by Benjamin Bear Photography

Hossein Zabihian 

Aero | Race Operations Engineer

Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2018

Novi, MI

Hossein is an Aerodynamics Analyst Engineer on the team who was drawn to solar car because he always fascinated by new technologies and designing vehicles that uses more efficient, clean energy. He joined race crew because he wants to challenge and push himself more as a member of the team, with the overall motivation of winning the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. This school year he designed and analyzed the aerodynamic body of our new car and design new systems to collect more accurate data for use by the Strategy team during the race. In addition, he investigated many aerodynamic bodies in the course of our optimization process, and finished the Class A surface design on the car. In the summer of 2017, he'll pivot towards the manufacture of the aerodynamic body, internal aero components and lending a hand with facilities. He also makes a mean grilled chicken to share with the team.

photo by    epik studios

photo by epik studios

Prof. Neil Dasgupta

Faculty Advisor

Neil Dasgupta is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and faculty advisor of the UM Solar Car Team. He earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2011. Prior to joining University of Michigan in 2014, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the recipient of an AFOSR Young Investigator Award (YIP), a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, the AVS Paul Holloway Young Investigator Award, the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, and the ASME Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal. His research focuses on the intersection of nanotechnology, manufacturing, and energy conversion.

photo by    epik studios

photo by epik studios

Umesh Patel

Faculty Advisor

Umesh Patel is Senior Director, Business Engagement, at the University of Michigan and works closely with companies to engage them in the University's research, education, and service missions. Mr. Patel came to the University from consulting firm Accenture, where he was a Senior Manager managing business process and technology change for a diverse group of global 500 corporations and government clients. Prior to joining Accenture, Mr. Patel was a Design Engineer with Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he designed and developed electrical control equipment. Mr. Patel holds an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University (note: despite his Buckeye roots, Mr. Patel is married to a U-M alumna and the proud parent of twin daughters both attending U-M). 

Photo by Evan Dougherty, Michigan Engineering Communications and Marketing

Photo by Evan Dougherty, Michigan Engineering Communications and Marketing

Charles (Chuck) Hutchins

Chuck Hutchins graduated from the University of Michigan with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering in 1957, along with his wife, Ann, who he met and married in 1956. He spent 8.5 years at Buhr Machine Tool Co in AA where, in 1962, under his leadership, they acquired one of the very first N/C machine tools with a transistorized control. Buhr had four N/C machines running 24/7 when he left in 1966. In 1969 he became the co-founder of Manufacturing Data Systems Inc (MDSI) on Plymouth Road and is a pioneer of computer-integrated manufacturing. In 1989, Chuck was approached by team leader Susan Fancy to see if he would be a sponsor. He quickly saw one of the most "Real World" student projects he had ever seen. Chuck became the #1 fan of the University of Michigan Solar Car Team and he and Ann have been supporters ever since. He has traveled with the team on every race except '90 and '93 in Australia, and plans to travel to Australia again this fall for the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Photo By Benjamin Bear Photography

Photo By Benjamin Bear Photography

Ignacio (Chito) Garcia

Chito Garcia is a retired scientific instrument maker from the University of Michigan College of Engineering. His first involvement was in 1991 when he machined parts for the 1993 team's solar vehicle. In 1993, Chito was asked by the team to join them in racing the new car, "Maize and Blue" in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Since then, he has been involved with the team every year and has been to every World Solar Challenge and American Solar Challenge UM Solar Car has competed in. He is a valued member of the team and has been passing down the team's history and knowledge year after year.