A World Race and 25 Years

It's becoming real. The journey to the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge officially began when the regulations were released a little over a year ago on June 5th, 2014. Since then we have worked hard- every action we took was to make a faster car and a better team, all with the ultimate goal of winning the 2015 World Solar Challenge. In that time we have also achieved two victory titles: a National Championship in the American Solar Challenge and an International Championship in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge. As a team we grew by learning from previous years and from our own previous mistakes. 


Even though we always had that ultimate goal in mind, it's still slowly hitting us that we're on the final sprint. We've already completed the first round of documentation required to race and are in the middle of completing the second round. Yesterday, the World Solar Challenge released the full list of teams; over 45 teams from 25 countries will be competing for the world title!

We're the most successful team in North America and that's not because of luck. The University of Michigan Solar Car Team has 25 years of experience, success, and failure to build upon. I think that the fact that we can tap into this pool of expertise is one of the main reasons behind our considerable success. 

photo by  epik studios

photo by epik studios

Last week, we had the opportunity to give back to a legacy of one of those years - Edina (Business), Ujjwal (Media) and I drove to Boston to present a small gift to Furqan Nazeeri, the Project Manager of the 1993 team. Ben (Mechanical) machined and painted a small scale model of Maize and Blue for the event. 

We're only 133 days away from the beginning of the World Solar Challenge. Follow the Road to 25 on Facebook and Twitter! #UMSolar25