Unveil 2015 | Speakers

We are less than 12 hours out from sharing our new car with everyone, and we have quite the line-up to introduce you to Aurum.

From our Platinum Level sponsors, to our number one fan, we bring you our 2015 Unveil Speakers.


Patricia E. Mooradian
The Henry Ford

Patricia E. Mooradian began her career at The Henry Ford in 2000 as Vice President & Chief Operating Officer; becoming President in 2005. She leads the development, articulation and promotion of a clear vision and strategic plan for THF and ensures excellence in the daily operation, exhibition, program development and delivery, and maintenance for all THF venues. She raises local and national awareness and appreciation of THF as the nation’s premier history destination. In addition to positioning THF as a leading national institution, she also raises contributed funds for general operating support, programs, endowment and capital projects. Prior to joining The Henry Ford, Mooradian was Regional Marketing Director for The Taubman Company overseeing the marketing strategic plan development, and brand management of regional shopping destinations across the country.


David C. Munson, Jr.
Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering
University of Michigan

David Munson received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Delaware and the M.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Princeton University. Prior to Michigan, he was on the electrical and computer engineering faculty at the University of Illinois. Professor Munson’s research is focused on signal processing issues in imaging systems, especially synthetic aperture radar. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a past president of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, founding editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, and co-founder of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing.


Jeffrey M. Brennan
Chief Marketing Officer


As Chief Marketing Officer and Senior VP of Global Markets, Brennan has responsibility for corporate, business marketing, communications, public relations, web marketing and strategy in major market segments.
Since joining Altair in 1992, he has served a variety roles, including Program Manager for Altair’s optimization products, Director of Sales & Marketing, and VP of the HyperWorks business unit and was responsible for the creation of the OptiStruct software. His background includes specialties in biomechanics and optimization, receiving his engineering education at the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University and the University of Michigan.


Chris Selwood
Event Director
Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Event Director Chris Selwood is an electrical engineer by training but he is not known as one to follow a conventional path. Born in the UK he spent much of his early working life as a production manager for movies, and later in event management, travelling the world.
He fell in love with the Australian bush and in 1991 chose to call South Australia home. Since then he has managed the logistics and operations of some of Australia’s most notable outdoor, adventure events. Chris’s journey to the World Solar Challenge came about through his passion for this planet and his unflagging interest in alternative energy and sustainable transport. When he met the World Solar Challenge’s founder, Danish adventurer Hans Tholstrup, in 1990, he was hooked. He was first involved as a volunteer and by 1999 was running the event.
As the world’s largest event of its kind Chris faces many technical and logistical challenges. An ongoing challenge is to keep the playing field level giving competitors the opportunity to shine, regardless of budget and to evolve regulations to keep up with technology and encourage innovation.
His ultimate goal? That the World Solar Challenge will inspire the bright young people of the planet to create world’s first truly sustainable motor vehicle and, by so doing, make a major contribution in the quest for sustainable mobility.


Pete Tiernan
Creative Director
Siemens PLM Software

Pete Tiernan is the senior creative director for Siemens PLM Software. A 28-year veteran of the engineering software industry, Pete oversees reputation and brand management, global advertising and multimedia development for the PLM business unit. His team supports product, industry, regional and corporate marketing activities. Mr. Tiernan has served as the liaison between Siemens and the University of Michigan Solar Car team for two years.


Chuck S. Hutchins
Long-time Supporter and Number One Fan

University of Michigan Solar Car Team

Chuck Hutchins graduated from the University of Michigan in 1957 B.C. (before computers!). 10 years after graduating he began writing assembly line language code which became the basis of MDSI, a company he co-founded in 1969. MDSI built three buildings in Ann Arbor - completely paid in cash - which are now owned by the University and are as known as the Arbor Lakes facility. These buildings served as MDSI's headquarters from 1974 to 1980. Chuck Hutchins has been with the solar car team for 25 years and is affectionately known as the team's number one fan.

photo by  epik studios

photo by epik studios

Pavan Naik
Project Manager
University of Michigan Solar Car Team

Pavan Naik is majoring in Industrial and Operations Engineering and is the Project Manager of the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. He joined the team in 2012 because of the passion and competitiveness that fuels the team. Pavan's currently the main contact for external relations and big partners. He's raced in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, the 2014 American Solar Challenge, and the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge and is fired up for the upcoming World Solar Challenge!

photo by  epik studios

photo by epik studios

Arnold Kadiu
Engineering Director
University of Michigan Solar Car Team

Arnold was raised in the Metro Detroit area and showed an interest in cars and engineering from a young age. This interest drove him to pursue engineering at the University of Michigan. Arnold is now a senior in Mechanical Engineering. While in college he has participated actively on the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. He joined the team his fall semester as a freshman. In 2012 and 2013 his focus on the team was composite design, analysis and manufacturing of the 2013 Solar Car, Generation. In 2014 and 2015 his role was the Engineering Director of the team. His role was to ensure that the most competitive vehicle was designed and manufactured. He enjoys designing carbon fiber components, biking and running. He hopes to pursue a career in composite product development.


The University of Michigan Solar Car Team's 2015 Unveil will take place at 9:30 am on July 17th, 2015 at the Henry Ford Museum. Pre-registration required. Registration begins at 9:00 am. Watch the live stream at  http://umicheng.in/solar25.