Thank you, IMRA

IMRA has been a strong supporter of the University of Michigan Solar Car Team for six years.

Aurum, the car that won UM Solar its ninth American Solar Challenge title this past summer, was made possible by IMRA’s support.

IMRA’s donations allowed the team to purchase the most integral, most expensive part of the car: a state-of-the art silicon solar array. These solar cells are how Aurum charged its battery pack and fueled its journey to victory. Michigan was the only team competing in the 2016 ASC to finish the race solely on solar power, and Michigan achieved this with the power obtained by the array that IMRA’s contributions helped it obtain.

IMRA went beyond even this, helping key members of the team arrange a trip to Japan in 2014, where they met with competitor Tokai University and visited a few Japanese companies. This time in Japan helped Michigan learn more about different manufacturing processes that it would later use during Aurum’s build cycle. Visiting Toray Carbon Magic, for instance, showed Michigan how Tokai built their car’s carbon body. Michigan also forged new connections with companies like Bridgestone and Boeing Japan. IMRA was crucial in making the Japan trip a successful one, not only setting up these connections, but also providing the team with a guide.

UM Solar greatly appreciates this support, and looks forward to working with IMRA in the future. Thank you, IMRA.