Thank you, Cummins!

cummins logo-02.png

The University of Michigan Solar Car Team was excited to partner with Cummins for the first time!

Cummins’ support of this cycle was exciting for our team; at the same time that they venture further into the electrification space, looking to become a leader in electrification with their new electric semi-trailer, Michigan Solar Car took a radically different approach. Novum would not have been made possible without companies like Cummins who recognize the importance of innovation in both solar and electric vehicles.

It takes a lot of guts to branch off of what engineers before you have done, and our team was lucky to find a company that not only ensures that they are doing that, but that students working on projects like Solar Car also have the opportunity to innovate and try new things. Our 2017 Business Director, Abigail Siegal, explains how significant Cummins’ contribution to the UM Solar Car Team has been, saying, “While our team has always built an electric car, this year we were also moving away from from our traditional path, making a shift from using a catamaran design to a bullet-shaped car. Without Cummins' support, our risk-taking wouldn't have been possible and we wouldn't have been able to have the success we did.” We were excited that this year we had our best-ever finish and were able to welcome Cummins to the University of Michigan Solar Car family!

As we move into preparing for the 2018 American Solar Challenge and then the design cycle for our 2019 car, we look forward to partnering further with Cummins and continuing this tradition of striving for innovation!