Thank you, University of Michigan College of Engineering

The University of Michigan College of Engineering is an invaluable partner of the Michigan Solar Car Team.

Since 2011, the College of Engineering has allowed the team access to the Wilson Student Team Project Center. The Wilson Center is the epicenter of the Solar Car Team; here, the team stores composites, meets to discuss procurement, does battery work, and morehere, we piece the solar car together.

It cannot be overlooked that the College also provides the team with most of its talented, dedicated recruits. A team is only as strong as its individual members, and when the majority of these members study at one of the top engineering schools in the world, that strength is formidable.

During the 2016 American Solar Challenge, the College of Engineering provided UM Solar with social media coverage. It also wrote articles and put out press releases both before and after the race detailing the team’s work and accomplishments. The team appreciates the marketing value this granted us.

The team is very grateful for the College of Engineering’s continued support; without the College of Engineering, the Michigan Solar Car Team would lack workspace, engineers, and extra publicity. Without the College of Engineering, UM Solar would not function so smoothly. Thank you, Michigan Engineering!