Thank you, University of Michigan College of Engineering!


The University of Michigan College of Engineering is an indispensable partner of UM Solar Car, providing us with everything from our workspace and our students to financial support and media coverage.

Our team is housed in the College of Engineering’s Wilson Student Team Project Center, the hub of all our operations. Here, the team designs, stores composites and materials, meets to discuss sourcing, hosts corporate sponsors, welds, saws, sands, and more. The Wilson Center is UM Solar Car’s home, and it’s where, bit by bit, Novum was born.

Our space in the Wilson Center is vital to our operation.

Our space in the Wilson Center is vital to our operation.

We are also very lucky and proud to be the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. Our recruits study at one of the top engineering schools in the world, and this means that our engineers are talented and dedicated, and well-equipped to handle the challenges of designing, building, and racing a solar car. "We are always grateful to the College of Engineering for drawing the bright engineers who make projects like Novum possible to Michigan, and for giving them the world class education needed to compete amongst the best teams on the planet," Project Manager Noah Bearman remarks.

Michigan Engineering supported the team with funds, as well, helping us avoid a situation in which financial constraints could have prevented the construction of our faster, riskier, more innovative—and more expensive—design, Novum.

During the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the College of Engineering also aided UM Solar Car with media coverage, posting on social media and publishing detailed stories and press releases about our Race Crew’s life in Australia, the excitement of the race, and the great meaning of our historic finish.

UM Solar Car is very grateful for Michigan Engineering’s continued strong support, without which we could not have raced to our best-ever WSC finish. We look forward to what comes next and we are determined to continue representing our school proudly and successfully. Thank you!