Thank you, Intel


The University of Michigan Solar Car Team’s Strategy Division is powered by Intel.

During the race, Strategy’s job is to figure out how fast the car should be going at any given point in time. This involves a number of inputs subject to great variabilityweather conditions, elevation changes, the position of the sun relative to the car, wind speed and direction, road conditions, shadingall factors constantly considered both at the present and into the future.

An array of Intel-powered computers and monitors allows Michigan Strategy to turn this flood of data into a set of actionable outputs.

These computers and monitors went into the Chase vehiclea sort of mobile mission control—from which team strategists were able to optimize energy consumption based on the information received from Aurum’s telemetry data. You can build a great solar car, but at the end of the day, it is what happens in the Chase vehicle during the race that determines whether you win or lose. 

Thanks to the Intel-Strategy partnership, UM Solar has been consistently able to outshine its opponents in the field.