Meet Electrum.

We proudly unveiled Electrum on July 19 at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn. With an electrical system overhaul and tuned-up aerodynamics, we believe we’ll be able to go faster than ever at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge this fall, beating our 2017 second-place finish—a best-ever placement for the Michigan team.

Looking at Electrum’s chassis you can see some of Novum’s DNA shining through. This time around, though, the car is slightly more pointed, its cockpit is four inches closer to its nose, and the back of the car where the solar cells are nested is slightly longer and wider. All of these changes were done to boost aerodynamics and efficiency, said Bennet McGlade, team Engineering Director and recent Mechanical Engineering grad.

In tandem with the increased area for the solar cells, we have purchased trapezoid solar cells rather than the rectangles used previously. While the shape has changed, the solar cells are still multijunction gallium arsenide. The new shape allows for more cells to be packed in the same amount of space. 

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